1. Goodnight!


   Aang entered the beach house that once belonged to Zuko’s family. Although he felt strange and slightly observed within those thick and dark walls, it was the best hidden place in the Fire Nation. He praised Zuko for having such a clever idea.

He was so confused, so infuriated and so miserable about what had happened hours ago, on the theatre balcony with Katara he didn’t said goodnight to the rest of the gang and just left to his room on the second floor with Momo perched on his shoulder, gazing at him worriedly.

His head spun as he threw himself on the soft bed, the particles of dust dancing in front of him, illuminated by the rays of light from the moon outside his window. Momo jumped to his stomach and peered his eyes, angling his face as to understand what was wrong with him.

“I’m such an idiot, Momo.” He remarked to the lemur, stroking his head absent-minded. “I completely ruined everything tonight. She’s never going to look at me the same way again. How could I’ve been so stupid?”

Momo said something in his lemur like language and lowered his ears. To Aang it was like the little animal knew what he was saying and it felt somewhat relief to at least have Momo to talk to.

He sat down with Momo still on his lap and his eyes gazed through the window. The majestic and bright moon smiled at him from above, a gentle beam that made him angry. His hands turned to fists and a strangled growl escaped his lips.

“I’m so stupid.” he almost screamed closing his eyes shut and hitting the bed with his strong fists.

Someone knocked on his door and Momo flew from his lap, hiding himself somewhere behind the pillows of the enormous bed and Aang stubbornly stood up and walked to the door. As he opened it only enough to sneak outside, Katara’s dazzling blue eyes pierced him concerned.

“Hey!” she said forcing a smile to emerge on her lips. But Aang could see in her eyes that she was worried, scared and rather anxious.

His heart skipped a beat and all his anger was suddenly turned into an awkward blush that rose to his cheeks.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” he asked, his voice trembling and he almost hit himself from sounding so weak.

“I came to see if you were okay.” She said avoiding his gaze as she stared at his bare feet, her cheeks also blushed. “You didn’t say goodnight and you looked so upset I needed to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m fine.” He said, this time making a huge effort not to sound pathetic or weak. “I’m just tired…”

“Oh!” Katara’s eyes were cast down and he saw the way she chew her lower lip. Such image sent a wave of longing for her run through his spine and the desire of wanting to hold her next to him almost made him move forward.

“You should rest as well.” He said, trying to add a small laugh at the end of his sentence that resulted in a strange choke sound.

“Yes, I should do that.” She answered him this time playing with her hair as her eyes glanced for a second at him and a fragile smile faded rapidly from her lips.

They fell silent for what seemed like hours. Each tick on Aang’s mental clock was more painful to bear than the previous with Katara right before him, half of her face hidden by the corridor shades.

“Well then I… see you tomorrow, Aang.” She finally said looking right at him and her eyes pierced him, making his heart stop.

She leaned forward and hesitantly kissed his cheek, her lips so delicious on his skin it made him almost melt right there and then.

“Goodnight, Katara.” He said as she walked down the corridor and disappeared in the shadows.

He closed the door in front of him, her kiss still pulsing on his cheek and he took his hand to that precise spot. He caressed it for a second, his eyes closed as he pictured the situation differently in his mind and he took a deep breath.

Momo jumped to his shoulder waking him up from his reverie and Aang almost jumped out of skin. Seeing Momo’s green eyes scrutinising his face made him shake his head and feel the disillusion and the raw reality crashing him.


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