1. Waking Up in the Enterprise

Wakin up

   The night came rather quickly today. I gaze up through the window at the superb night sky, its gleaming stars and galaxies spread around space makes us realise how small we are, how vulnerable and how fascinating and vast space can be. If only I knew how it feels like to be up there.

I yawn tiredly, my eyes ready to close as I lay myself on my bed and smile at the thought of a good night’s rest. I’ve been extremely tired lately for no particular reason. I go to bed tired and I wake up tired. It’s like I can’t even rest when I sleep.

As I glace back at my window, strange lights projecting themselves from the outside, create a funny pattern on the ceiling and walls. It’s hypnotizing and mesmerizing but I soon begin to see it all blurry and baffled; just lines and spirals with no sense. The tiredness that begins to consume me is really hard to ignore. I yawn again and I soon fall asleep on my comfortable bed and all the problems are left behind.

So I thought!

You know when you enter the world of dreams and leave the real worlds behind you? I find myself doing exactly that; I leave my own flesh and soon I wake on a long and dark corridor which leads me to a threshold. As I approach it, I begin to feel a sense of familiarity, as if I know this corridor and this threshold and where it’ll lead me. I’m in the valley of dreams – or nightmares – and at this stage I have no idea where I might land.

The sense of familiarity grows even stronger and I’m suddenly pulled by a strange force as if invisible hands had grabbed me and are pulling me inside the threshold. I try to fight and scream in panic and my hands try to hold the frame of the threshold, to resist the force. All in vain! The threshold disappears and I’m left wandering in the dark, yielding and jerking, just struggling to understand, to get any sense of what the hell is going on. Just as I feel myself falling down, I wake up and a bright light blinds me.

I blink my eyes several times to clear my vision and I feel my mouth open in amazement. I’m in a futuristic white room filled with computers and screens flickering with pictures and symbols and other things I can’t understand. That sense of familiarity comes back, this time so strong I have to calm my breathing… I know this place, I’ve been here before. Whether it was in another time or another dream, I cannot tell you.

Then he’s there, watching distressfully at me; a pair of deep blue eyes.

You might think I’ve just fallen off bed and bumped my head or something but somehow I fell that this is no dream, that I’m not asleep and everything is real. I know where I am, I know who I am and I know the man standing staring worriedly at me. I know what’s going on and I know it’s not a dream but the purest of reality you could ever imagine.

“Hey!” I say hoarsely to Chris who is knelt in front of me, one of his hands in my forehead and a smile on his lips, clearly in relief. God, I must have looked in pain.

“Hey you! You’ve fallen asleep.”

“Did I?” I try to stand up but my body protests and I make a face. My head spins around for a moment and I momentarily lose control on my body, cramps now possessing it. Chris helps me sit down, his hands massaging my backs as I clear my mind from the foggy pain. “Where am I?”

“You’re in the Enterprise.” He answers me with inquiringly eyes.

As I look around to take a look at the spaceship, a light of flashes invades my mind and fragments of a distant life, a distant dream or whatever begins to materialise in my head. Are those memories? Again, that sense of familiarity is back but this time with backups: pictures – a spaceship, a trip into a far away galaxy, Chris smiling as he shows me the Enterprise – all those moments I feel as a memory come back.

“Are you okay?” Chris asks me and I faintly nod at him. My head is still spinning from the images but I kind of feel like they make sense now.

“Yah, I’m alright! Sorry, I kind of lost track of where I was.”

He gives me a warm smile and his once preoccupied eyes settle down. But he doesn’t stand up, he doesn’t move until he’s sure I’m fully recovered from my cramps and strange dreams. He remains kneeled in front of me like a guardian.

I look around at my surrounding, carefully analysing it all. There are only a few crew members and I have to admit I barely know them all. Some of them look away from us, right at the center of the room, and I blush. I mentally shake my head and try to find Spock or Uhura, someone from my memories previously displayed but there’s no-one apart from Chris. Then I remember why they’re missing, why the control room has so little members in it and why Spock isn’t here.

While I’m trying to decipher it all, the ship rocks sideways and Chris stands up immediately, his face scared and alarmed. I have to grab the chair in order not to fall down it.

Chris begins to shout orders to the crew and he runs to the front of a gigantic glass window. I’m too scared to move and don’t understand what’s going on. Then, a flash of light brightens the room and I gasp in terror as I finally realise what’s happening.

“We’re under attack!” I scream under the roar of the alarm and a spiky spaceship materialises in front of us, menacingly. I’m soon up and approach Chris who’s watching something on one of the screens and talking to a crew member. My eyes never leave the spaceship. “Is that the Narada?”

“It seems that Nero’s back!” Chris says looking over his shoulder at me. He’s worried and you can tell that by his dark eyes. He places a hand on the member’s shoulders. “How are the shields? Prepare arms to fire as soon as you’ve got a clear shot.”

“Yes Captain!”

I clear my way and sit down on a chair at a corner where a computer is just showing off maps and plans. I’m scared, I won’t lie to you; I’m terrified. I try to swallow my fear but I have a lump in my throat. I look around for something to do, for something to help Chris fight Nero but I can’t even work with the computers. I’m not qualified to be one of the crew members. I’m just a guest in the Enterprise.

I look at Chris who is now pacing back and forth as he gives his commands. His jaw is tightened and his face red. Things are not looking good and I know it by the sound of the alarm and the constant voice telling us that one of the motors is down. Chris is losing hope and so am I. Things are extremely bad.

“Chris, is there anything I can do to help?” I ask from my sit and I try to sound determined. Mission failed.

He doesn’t hear me and he sits down on his Captain’s chair for a second, only to stand up again and re-begin pacing. He takes one, two, three steps and then repeats it all over again. He grabs his hair as he says something to his crew and then he marches out of the control room. I stand up and follow him, grabbing the wall as the spaceship rockets sideways.

Chris just walks through the ship with no destination in mind. He’s apprehensive and trying to clear his mind in order to come up with a way to stop the Narada and Nero in time. Our shields would hold him off for a couple of minutes but that’s all we had; minutes.

I try to keep some distance between him and me, only a few steps apart, but his tension reaches me like waves; they are palpable and I know I’m trembling not only for my own fear, but for his as well.

He stops in the middle of a corridor and I almost bump against him. His hand turns into fist and he turns to the white metal wall and punches it with a terrible and agonising cry.

“Chris! Stop!” I say and I stand between him and the wall. I try to find his eyes but they are cast down and cloudily. “Look at me. Chris, look at me!”

His eyes finally focus on mine and for a moment his eyes return to its normal and calm blue colour. It’s like he’s seeing me for the first time. But the Enterprise rocks again and we both lose our balance. We catch each other’s arms to steady ourselves as the rocket continues. When it stops, we look at one another, our breaths heavy whether from fear, our force to stand our ground or other thing.

“Chris, is there anything I can do to help?” I ask again and feel undeniably ready for some action. I can say I feel ready to kick some ass. I think adrenaline is taking the best of me.

He takes several deep breaths as if to calm down before answering me, his arms never leaving mine. I don’t say anything.

“Just be safe.” He answers in a strangled whisper, almost in pain. I catch my breath. I look back at him and what I see in those deep blue eyes makes my heart lurch. A tiny but welcome chill runs down my spine as he takes a step forward in my direction and stares straight into my brown eyes. “Can you do that?”

I can only nod. I have a strange knot on my throat that took away my capacity in answering him properly.

He smiles and sighs, rapidly rushing his way back to the control room. It takes me only a second to realise I’m starring in awe at the emptiness and that this feeling inside me, this pleasant and breathtaking emotion is something quite real. I feel a smile twist the corners of my lips and a ball of pride bursts within me. Adrenaline, it must be it.

I head back to the control room just a few seconds after Chris and he’s sitting in his chair. I sit back on the same spot I’ve been only some minutes ago and glace back at him. That adrenaline I felt before was suddenly crushed by fear. Chris is pale and he looks at the window with a petrified expression. I follow his gaze and my heart sinks.

The Narada is getting closer and our shields are about to shut down. Our missiles can’t even damage the carcass of the spaceship.

It’s our end, our death. We are all doomed.


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