2. A Thunder Strikes


   For a moment, everything is frozen; time begins to slow down as we keep watching the Narada firing its missiles at us. I just want to run to Chris and hold him while our end comes.

Then, out of nowhere, a bright flash of light blinds us all for a few seconds, enough for me to turn my head to the side and lose sight of the Narada. As I turn my head around and get my vision back, Chris is staring intensely out of the window, his mouth slightly open in surprise. He’s no longer alarmed and I sigh in relief because his expression is filled with hope.

I follow his gaze through the window and I’m filled with hope myself as well.

A lightning storm is forming right on top of the Narada, thunders blasting their way down on the ship. It’s hitting it over and over again, never stopping and destroying the ship’s shields. Each thunder is fast and strong enough to destroy part of the ship’s carcass.

Chris’ voice reaches me; he’s shouting orders with a new vigour, his strong face determined as he commands our missiles to be launched against our enemy.

Then, out of the blue, another flash of light illuminates the room and I’m suddenly blind. An enormous collision is heard as if it’s metal against metal.

I approach Chris, blinking to regain my vision and I gaze into space. What the hell is going on outside the Enterprise? What is attacking the Narada allowing us to hit it back?

“What is that?” I ask completely in awe and Chris smiles back at me. I can only imagine my inquiringly look of complete confusion. “What is destroying the Narada?”

As our missiles are launched and hit its target, the Narada begins to burn with small explosions demolishing the ship and it soon begins to lose balance, falling down into space and from our view. Chris leaves my side and rushes his way to the window, observing our enemy falling. His mood has changed abruptly and I don’t understand why; actually, I don’t understand what just happened so I just stand near his chair observing him while I calm myself down.

I regain myself and take a step forward, calling out his name. But I’m immediately cut as another bright light illuminates the room, the center of the room to be precise. I only have time to stop, cover my eyes and my ears due to the deafening sound of a thunder.

“What the heck?”

The first thing I notice is a blooded-red cape and a very tall and muscular man. Then my blurry vision focuses on the giant before me and I feel my lips curl into a grin as I recognise our saviour; the God of Thunder.

“Thor!?” I exclaim as I throw myself into his arms. “Oh, thanks the Heavens.”

He hugs me tightly and almost crushes me; but I don’t care. He just saved our lives and I’m beyond happy and excited to see him. He takes a step back and looks back at me, his blue eyes like sapphires shining intensely accompanied by a huge and goofy grin on his lips.

“Nice to see you too Ner…” he says touching my nose with a huge finger. I blush slightly but my smile only grows.

Thor turns and takes a step forward in Chris’ direction near the window. He’s smiling like me and bow slightly with his head.

“You’ve got here in the nick of time, Thor. For a moment there I thought we were all doomed.” Chris says clearly relief as he slaps Thor’s upper arm.

“A call of help from the Enterprise and its Captain cannot be ignored.” Thor comments also slapping Chris’ upper arms. I can only smile even widely as I stare at those two. “I’m glad I got here on time to save you all.”

Chris and Thor hug each other in a manly embrace. Thor’s presence has lifted our gloomy mood and misery and seeing Chris smile just makes everything worth.

“What did Nero wanted this time?” Thor asks as the two of them depart from their embrace and Chris resumes his sit near me.

I have no idea”

“Last time he attacked us was because of Spock.” I comment as I sit down on the arm of Chris’ chair. “Do you think he’s after him again?”

“I don’t know but something tells me it has nothing to do with Spock.” Chris narrows his eyes at the emptiness and I steal a glance at Thor. He shrugs. We are all trying to come up with an explanation.

“Could it be the red matter?” I ask shrugging my shoulders at my own attempt at deciphering Nero’s attack.

No, I don’t think so.” Thor answers sitting down on the nearest chair; the entire crew eyes him with astonishment.”Whatever he wants has nothing to do with neither Spock nor the Red Matter.”

“What matters now is that he’s down and won’t attack us again… at least for a while since the ship has to be repaired.” Chris remarks with the faintest of smile on his lips.

Thor’s laugh makes me jump out of my skin but I soon begin to smile and laugh as well. The three of us are definitely letting our fear go.

And if he does attack us again, I’ll hammer him back to the depth of space again with my mighty hammer.”

It’s hard to ignore Chris laughter and we are soon crying from it. When we calm down, Chris orders something to the crew that looks at us as if we are crazy. Well, maybe we are.

I feel a sense of peace calming me down and that familiarity returns in full force. This is where I belong… at least for now.

I steal a glance at Chris from the corner of my eye and I feel butterflies on my stomach. Those strange feelings I felt before the destruction of the Narada come back and all those storming and pleasant emotions colour my cheeks. I feel observed and a pair of blue eyes stare at me with a knowingly and mischief smile. My face must be showing something I can’t hide and Thor has decoded it. Damn, not even I know what’s going on!

I feel very tired suddenly and a huge yawn overcomes me. I’m not embarrassed to show how tired I am and I stretch my body to make my blood run through my numb limbs.

“You should get some rest.” Chris says looking at me with some sort of unquiet distress on his blue orbs. I think I hear him in the distance and see him slightly blurry. “You look exhausted.”

“Well, I sure feel exhausted.” I observe as I yawn again. I shiver from cold and my entire skin goose-bumps at that feeling. “And cold…”

“Here, take this.” Thor says as I try to stand up. He stands up with me and unbinds his red cape from his shoulders. I look up at him with uncertainty as he extends it to me but he only nods once. “You’re freezing. The cape will warm you in a second.”

I accept his cape and he places it over my shoulders. It’s heavy and bigger than me but it’s also warm and smooth and I’m soon heated. He’s right; it did warm me in a second. I’m no longer cold.

“You were right. This is really warm. Thank you Thor.” I say smiling gratefully at him.

“The perks of being a Nordic God”

“Is there anything you need me to do?” I ask Chris as he stands up.

“Everything is under control now and Thor is here so… I guess there’s nothing to worry about. You go rest.”

He places a hand on my cheek caressing my face with his thumb and Thor’s cape is suddenly too heavy and too warm. I have a sudden urge to smile but all I can do is breathe heavily under his touch and stare.

“What if we’re attacked again?” I ask and my voice sounds like a hoarse whisper.

“You can go to my room if you think you’ll be safe there.” He says simply with a mischief smile on his face. I feel myself turn bright red but I manage to smile and look normal.

I think I did anyway.

“Okay!” I turn and leave the control room as fast as I can with my trembling legs and body. I swear that Chris noticed my sudden awkwardness near him but I’m hoping he didn’t. I know Thor did and he even laughed at it. I only hope he doesn’t tell Chris.

My mind is so filled with unexplained things that I kind of lost my way around the Enterprise. I’m on a strange white corridor I think I’ve never been before and I frown at how stupid I am for getting lost inside a familiar ship. I mean, it’s not that difficult to reach Chris’ bedroom then why did I get lost?

I know why; I was thinking about the Narada, about Thor, about Chris’ sweet expression and touch on my skin… his caress on my cheek felt as if it has been carved on my skin.

Stop it, Ner!

I curse myself for my absent-mind and for missing the obvious corner I was supposed to turn. I even curse Chris for being so gently with me that makes me lose track of things; and Thor for seeing through me. I curse everyone on the Enterprise.

I finally find a corner I recognise and my pace quickens. Just three more corridor and a ladder and I’m finally on Chris’ bedroom. My eyes are so heavy I can’t almost keep them open.

I turn a corner and a strange noise fills the corridor. A light flickers in front of me coming from one of the rooms’ right ahead and I know that’s something that’s not supposed to happen.

Adrenaline fills my body and my tiredness evaporates. I take a step closer to the room and sneak inside. Spheres of light are gleaming and a man soon materialises within them. A man was beaming himself into the Enterprise.

It’s an intruder.


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