Back to Hell… Sorry, University

Back to Hell!!!

Or so it feels like…

Well, Monday, September 16th, I will be back to my third (and not final yet) year at University. I’m studying British and North-American Literature at my local – it’s local because it’s, like, fifteen minutes away from home – college and I don’t want to.

Truth is, my last year was terrible. I’ve moved home and had a small (or so I think) depression. The second semester wasn’t that good with me having some family problems and not being able to shut it all out.

And, to worsen things a bit, I’ve recently had some misunderstanding with my colleagues which only proved that life sucks… for real.

Though I’m anxious to start this new semester due to some amazing subjects that I’ll be having – mainly Cinema and Literature and Romantic Literature – I don’t feel as excited as I was on my first year.

However, I will try to be focused, to ignore any sort of problem that might bring me down and pass all the four subjects I have.

But knowing that I won’t have time to read, to post things on my blog(s), to watch TV and movies, to simply be with my own thoughts make me dizzy. I barely had time to rest this summer what with all my family problems around me.

Still, I will try. There are so many things worth fighting for and trying to make my Mum and Sis proud (not to mention Twin and Rory) is one of them. After all, I owe them everything, right?

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that the timing wasn’t perfect. I’ve created this blog two days before classes start. Pathetic, isn’t it?



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