You must be wondering what the heck is happening. Well, this is my new blog, a personal one where I’ll be sharing ordinary stuff from movies to daily random stuff.

I’ve decided to create this blog mainly because there are so may things I wish to share with the world and with my book blog (A Cup of Coffee and a Book) I can’t.

Why not? Well, my book blog is a “pseudo-professional” one, meaning that I’ll only post things concerning books and their authors. As a bookblogger, I don’t feel correct to share something as crazy as, let’s say, a new video from my favourite band there.

Therefore, I’ve came to terms with myself and The Majestic Tale of a Clumsy Girl with a Dream, The Majestic Tale for short, was finally created.

Feel free to be part of this blog by following me and allowing me to share my own craziness with you.

Thanks for taking time reading this pathetic attempt at a presentation and welcome!



Leave me a comment and I'll virtually hug you :)

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