And I’m Back…

The Majestic Tale is back and with a brand new design. What do you guys think?!

There are still a couple of things to modify but gimme some time and I’ll manage it.

Also, the blog will have some new features, exclusively my previous (and deleted) blog idea The Writer’s Brainstorm where I’ll share my ideas for stories, share the stories, and everything writing related.

My Ner’s Majestic Set is something I’m still thinking whether I should delete or not. Truth is, I don’t have that many sets on Polyvore to keep this up every single Sunday. Therefore, I might post a set once in a while. I’m still deciding.

I’m also planning on reviewing some soundtracks and post them here. I’m no a professional, of course, but I do like a good soundtrack so I might share my opinion each now and then 😉

I’ll continue active when it comes to my book blog. I’m sorry if I spend more time planning and publishing there instead of here.

With this, I wish you all a Happy New Year (I know, quite late) and that 2014 might bring all our wishes.



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