I’m Going Crazy!!!!!!

There are these works happening on the first floor that are driving me and my mum mad.


And I still have a week before classes start and my head feels like it’s about to explode. I only wish for them to stop for a couple of days… as soon as I start classes they can continue with their hammering!!

In the meantime… I ALREADY HAVE HYDRA!!!!

Anyway… it’s just to let you know that all is well though I think next time you hear from me, it’ll be from the mental asylum!



One thought on “I’m Going Crazy!!!!!!

  1. Ois… Aproveita a última semana!! Essa situação é complicada, mas passa-se a mesma coisa por aqui, no prédio ao lado… e logo cedo… Tenho de ouvir WT, adorei o álbum anterior… ainda não conheço o novo!! Boas leituras e boa música!! Ultimamente tenho lido e ouvido música, em simultâneo!! Beijinho. Inês.

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