About Me

Hello Earthlings *waves hand*

Welcome to The Majestic Tale of a Clumsy Girl with a Dream.

My name is Ner and I’m a 25 years-old Portuguese girl who should have been born in England. This is my personal blog where I’ll be posting normal stuff from movies to music and some daily ordinary stuff.

I have a book blog called A Cup of Coffee and a Book and everything book-related will the posted there. If you are interesting in books, I recommend you to follow me there. But, if you wish to know the crazy mind of someone clumsy, then you can follow me here.

I hope you guys will have fun in this blog.

Thanks for stopping by and GERONIMO!!!


Some random stuff about me:

  • Proud Potterhead and a Gryffindorian;
  • Whovian and cry baby in almost every single DW episode;
  • Bookworm with license to smell books;
  • University student who truly hates to study;
  • Loving daughter, adorable sister and drooling auntie of Princess Aurora (aka Rory);
  • Nicknamed Witch by the Dad and Maria by the Sis!
  • A person who bangs her head while listening to scores;
  • Clumsy by nature who blames the furniture for attacking her!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Ois…… só descobri este sítio especial hoje!!!!!! YOU KNOW ME…YAHH.. Adorei…. devias ter-me chamado à atenção…. Adorei esta tua ideia… vou seguir-te diariamente e deixar comentários!!! Adorei mesmo!! Beijinhos. Inês.

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