Behind the Name

I haven’t explained why my blog is called The Majestic Tale of a Clumsy Girl with a Dream. Some of you might have already found out the meaning behind it, others perhaps not.

It all depends on your attention!

This title was created after a quiz were I was asked what the title of a book about my life would be. At that moment, I had not a single clue. That is, until I opened iTunes and noticed the song that was playing.

The Majestic Tale (of Madman in a Box) is a track from Doctor Who Series 6 soundtrack by Murray Gold and, for those who don’t know (hardly because my button expresses that clearly), I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who.

I’m a Whovian!!!

And for those who don’t know what or/and who Doctor Who is, well… shame on you!!!

The track is one of my favourites since it’s a majestic version of the 11th Doctor’s theme. And I do love Matt Smith as the Doctor and I believe the theme was very well created 🙂

So, answering the quiz, I transformed the track title into something that would be me: I’m clumsy and I have a dream. That’s when The Majestic Tale of Clumsy Girl with a Dream was born.

The best thing though was hearing my Sis saying that she would read that book. She absolutely loved the title.

There you go, a small explanation behind the name of the blog. And you can hear the awesome track here: