Coffee With Friends’ Day

Morning all people *waves*

Hope you will all have a wonderful day with your friends… because I’m sure I am!!

Today, because I don’t have classes, I’m going to drink coffee with two friends of mine and I can’t wait to see them.

First I’m gonna drink coffee with my male best-friend Gerson who is planning to move to Porto he-doesn’t-know-when-but-I-hope-it’s-after-my-birthday 😛

Later on I’m gonna have coffee and I’m going to visit Liberty (and America Supermarket here in Lisbon) with my good friend Carla. I only saw her briefly in school and that wasn’t enough 🙂

If I’m lucky, me and Carla are gonna visit some bookshops (she’s a bookworm like me). Not that I’m buying any books but she might so she can lend it to me hehe xD

Anyway, today’s gonna be a pretty busy day but at least I’m gonna have so pretty good company 😉

Hasta Birdies!!

PS: Your nickname from now on shall be Birdies!!!