New Albums…. Headbang All the Way!!!!

Some new albums I’ve got that are making me headbang day and night!

Adelitas Way – Home School Valedictorian (2011)

Adelitas Way - Home School Valedictorian

Track List:

1. The Collapse (3:39)
2. Sick (3:12)
3. Alive (3:48)
4. Criticise (3:04)
5. Good Enough (3:52)
6. Cage the Beast (3:17)
7. I Can Tell (3:40)
8. Somebody Wishes They Were You (3:45)
9. Move (3:22)
10. I Wanna Be (3:11)
11. Hurt (3:57)

Delain – The Human Contradiction (2014)

Delain - The Human Contradiction [Deluxe Edition]

Track List:

CD 1:
1. Here Come the Vultures (6:05)
2. Your Battle Is a Battleground feat. Marco Hietala (3:50)
3. Stardust (3:56)
4. My Masquerade (3:43)
5. Tell Me, Mechanist feat. George Oosthoek (4:52)
6. Sing to Me feat. Marco Hietala (5:08)
7. Army of Dolls (4:56)
8. Lullaby (4:55)
9. The Tragedy of the Commons feat. Alissa White-Gluz (4:30)

CD 2 (Bonus):
1. Scarlet (4:36)
2. Don’t Let Go (3:56)
3. My Masquerade (Live) (5:02)
4. April Rain (Live) (4:45)
5. Go Away (Live) (3:42)
6. Sever (Live) (4:54)
7. Stay Forever (Live) (4:31)
8. Sing to Me (Orchestra Version) (3:41)
9. Your Body Is a Battleground (Orchestra Version) (3:20)

Lacuna Coil – Broken Crown Halo (2014)

Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo

Track List:

1. Nothing Stand in Our Way (4:08)
2. Zombies (3:47)
3. Hostage to the Night (3:56)
4. Victims (4:32)
5. Die & Rise (3:45)
6. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name) (3:56)
7. Cybersleep (4:26)
8. Infection (4:23)
9. I Burn In You (4:15)
10. In the End I Feel Alive (4:21)
11. One Cold Day (6:10)


Counting Stars… Wish I Had Written That Song!!!!

Okay, I admit… I’m totally obsessed by OneRepublic song: Counting Stars

Completely obsessed!!!!

My sister is to blame actually; she was the one that asked me “hey, have you heard OR new song?” and when I said no, she introduced me the song.

After that I found myself humming it, singing it and listening to it non-stop… 

Being obsessed is not healthy…. not healthy at all people!!!!


Analysing the Beast…

I couldn’t get my hands on Within Temptation’s new album because my country sucks and my music store is stupid! The album came out today (January 31st) but they will only have it available Monday because that’s when they re-stock their stock! 

I’m so pissed about it I could murder someone…

However, I managed to listen to it. I was freaking out, being honest with you, slightly scared of what would come out of it. Well, Hydra is definitely a Beast!

It’s clearly different from their previous albums but at the same time it does bring a bit of their original roots. It’s more Rock than actually Symphonic Gothic Metal but I think some fans will be pleased.

Actually, I think my sister is going to be slightly shocked with this album… don’t ask me why, I have this strange feeling I’ll have to defend the album. I might be wrong though!

And I say some fans because some of them are waiting for Within Temptation to go back to their Enter/The Dance/Mother Earth style. I, on the other hand, like when a band takes some risks and change their style slightly. They change, but they still are Within Temptation.

Plus, I think that a band that doesn’t take risks or change is boring! It’s like they don’t even try… but then again, there are bands and bands.

So, moving on…

Hydra is simply amazing. I was gaping at my laptop while listening to it the whole time. It’s an album that you first find it weird and strange and then absolutely love. Better, it’s an album that whether you love it or hate it… and I love it.

Let us praise Sharon’s vocals in the album. She definitely improves with each album, her voice sounding each time more beautiful (not to mention Sharon herself… she looks gorgeous! Well… she is gorgeous…).

The guitars are something I’ve always loved in every WT song. I don’t know why but whenever Ruud picks up his guitar and starts playing, I freak out. And, I have to admit that listening to him playing my favourite solos from The Unforgiving (Murder and Stairway to the Skies) live was pure ecstasy!

There’s an heavy edge to this album that isn’t present on The Unforgiving. There’s these (please, I’m no pro!) two heavy strings that make it more heavy than the previous albums. Definitely an highlight of it… absolutely amazing.

The orchestral madness I love about this band is still amazing. Of course that this album has more heavy guitars and drums but the violins and choirs are still there. I think Edge of the World and And We Run are the perfect example of how brilliant these guys are when composing rock songs alongside an orchestra.

And speaking of And We Run… that was the song I was really scared about because of its collaboration with Xzibit (for those who don’t know who he is… he’s a rapper!), which is a strange combination for me. I mean, WT and rap?! I could never picture it. However, the song came out as one of the best tracks in the album – no to mention the very first song labelled as explicit due to one simple swear in it. And I have to admit that the combination worked rather well.

I was already used to the Demos from Paradise (What About Us?) EP so, when I first heard Silver Moonlight and Dog Days, I was perplexed. It’s weird when you’re used to something and then that thing changes into something different… still good, but different.

Hydra really marks a change in Within Temptation’s career. It’s all you love about them from their previous works combined into one. A heavier, faster and riskier album but still as amazing as their other works.

And as a fan of Within Temptation since 2004 (WOW! 10 years already?!), I’m always in awe with their work!

So, in conclusion… here’s my reaction to the Beast:


Coffee With Friends’ Day

Morning all people *waves*

Hope you will all have a wonderful day with your friends… because I’m sure I am!!

Today, because I don’t have classes, I’m going to drink coffee with two friends of mine and I can’t wait to see them.

First I’m gonna drink coffee with my male best-friend Gerson who is planning to move to Porto he-doesn’t-know-when-but-I-hope-it’s-after-my-birthday 😛

Later on I’m gonna have coffee and I’m going to visit Liberty (and America Supermarket here in Lisbon) with my good friend Carla. I only saw her briefly in school and that wasn’t enough 🙂

If I’m lucky, me and Carla are gonna visit some bookshops (she’s a bookworm like me). Not that I’m buying any books but she might so she can lend it to me hehe xD

Anyway, today’s gonna be a pretty busy day but at least I’m gonna have so pretty good company 😉

Hasta Birdies!!

PS: Your nickname from now on shall be Birdies!!!


Cleaning Day… Oh Dang!!

Hello people and good afternoon (yeah, woke up late ihih xD).

Apparently today is cleaning day since someone important is coming to my house tomorrow and my mum wants the house shining and blah blah blah…

So, today will be one hell of a tiring day. I’m sure I won’t be in any sort of condition later on but still…

In the meantime, here’s a nice song to cheer up everybody’s mood – especially those who have to work on a Sunday!


Tarja – Colours in the Dark

Tarja Turunen - Colours In The Dark

Okay, Tarja’s new album, Colours in the Dark, came out in August 30 and I’ve recently got my hands on it.

The rock and metal genre are still there, you can clearly hear it in almost every single track, but somehow it’s more classical, more symphonic. Slightly different from her previous work but you can identify her signature in it.

I’m on a internal battle to find my favourite track since 500 Letters and Medusa are two songs I’m totally in love with. It’s going to take a while before I can confirm which track won the battle 😀

And I would love to hear an orchestral version of Deliverance. That song is simply epic when it comes to violins and percussion and everything orchestral-related.

For those who already enjoyed Tarja’s solo career, this album is simply amazing. I recommend it deeply ’cause this album defines her own style and signature.

Track list:

  1. Victim of Ritual
  2. 500 Letters
  3. Lucid Dreamer
  4. Never Enough
  5. Mystique Voyage
  6. Darkness
  7. Deliverance
  8. Neverlight
  9. Until the Silence
  10. Medusa (feat. Justin Furstenfeld)